192.168.l.l Setup and Troubleshooting

How to Setup 192.168.l.l ip address? If you have problems with your home router, it’s likely that you can connect an Ethernet cable directly to your router and point your browser to the configuration page of the router by typing into the browser’s address bar. On the configuration page, you’ll be prompted for a username and password. If you’ve never configured your router before, there’s a good chance that your default username (especially on modern Linksys and Cisco routers) will be left blank and the password will be “admin.”
If you don’t know your default username and password, a quick Google search from your phone or other Internet-connected device can help you find it.
Common Network Problems
The most common home networking problem comes from assigning more than one computer to the same IP address. Because IP addresses, just like home addresses, must be unique for each computer connected to the Internet, if a router accidentally assigns more than one device on its network to the same IP address, none of the devices will work and the connection will cut out. Through the configuration page, you can reset the current assigned IP addresses to resolve the routing conflict.

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